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Invisalign Doctors in Schaumburg 

In Schaumburg, IL the #1 Dentist Invisalign provider is Dr. Jon. While investigating through the Invisalign Schaumburg website, you will get to see how he always maintains his top position as a Gold Plus provider. Dr. Jon has spent a majority of his career perfecting his skill and knowledge when it comes to providing the best Invisalign services to clients.. If you want to achieve a comfortable bite or want to improve your smile then you should contact us as during this phenomenal situation we are providing more affordable prices than any other provider. 

If you will ever come for a consultation in our office you will experience the latest available technologies for Invisalign. We have made a digital scan at no charge and after that one-on-one discussion with the doctor about your expectations and timeframe. There you will able see the outcome result before starting and also could get to see the digital image of your teeth. If you are deciding on Invisalign, then you will not find a better place than this. 

Precision and accuracy:

  • Our treatment plans for patients create a comfortable fit that provides suitable results and very early too. 
  • We can pinpoint the exact perfect places so that there should be a boost in the movement of teeth. 
  • We make treatment as easy as we can. We are here to help you in every step by providing you an online portal for easy access.  

What does Invisalign mean?

  • Now you can easily straighten your teeth without anyone knowing with the help of Invisalign.
  • As you know during chains you have some restrictions on food, but by wearing Invisalign you can easily eat what you want and also could brush your teeth easily.
  • They are not like chains which cause mouth irritation, it suits your normal oral hygiene.
  • You don’t have to wear annoying metal braces which is very visible to others. With Invisalign, they will be invisible.

How does Invisalign work?

For 1 week you have to wear a set of aligners and could only remove when you have to brush, eat, floss, and drink. You have to wear the aligners till your teeth get straightened to the final and correct position. To know that you are following accordingly plan then you must have to visit us once every 6 weeks. It takes about 6 months in almost every condition. 

Why choose us?

We have created more than 10000 smiles in Schaumburg and in its surroundings by using the latest technology for the treatment. 

Dr. Louis Asimakopoulos:

Dr. Louis is a general dentist who was born in Chicago and completed his training at Midwestern University in Illinois. In AGED ( advanced education in general dentistry) he received a degree and had hands-on training with the most prominent figures in dentistry. 

In his independent study, he had spent a lot of time developing his techniques to overcome most of the problems. Problems involve removing any pain during the injection and sensitivity after dental health. He believes that no one should suffer from any pain before or after dental treatment. 

Dr. Louis is finally with his brother Dr. Jon under one roof. Now, both of them with the help of each other knowledge could formulate the best plan for the individual patients and provide the best service. 

In creating trust and comfort you must have a personal relationship with your health provider and this is the only reason Dr. Louis will always encourage you to ask any questions. 

“What I expect out of any of my doctors, is that they have a true understanding of what is necessary to deliver quality work with consistent results. I want to know that I am in good hands. As a dentist, I hold myself to that same standard, and hope you give us the chance to stand by our word.” -Dr. Louis     

Dr. Jonathan Asimakopoulos:

Dr. Jon is the brother of Dr. Louis and got his graduation degree from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. This university continuously holds its place at the top in the US. For his commitment proficiency, he has received several awards and also serves himself as the Vice-President of his class. From the last five years, he has built his reputation around patient comfort, quality treatment that lasts, and an overall conservative approach to treatment. 

The biggest award of Dr. Jon is working together with their patients to give them their smiles back as they wanted. By seeing smiles on his patient’s face, boosts his confidence, and provide him the highest level of dental care. Dr. Jon also participates in the discussion which discussed weekly in his office, there he shares his cases with other providers and continues with learning and teaching from each other. 

To understand the patient’s concern Dr. Jon works very closely and explains each step in a brief manner so that the patients feel comfortable while having treatment related to dental problems. Teaming up with his brother Dr. Louis excited him to learn some new things from his brother and always creates a philosophy for the care of the patients.

“A top priority of mine is fostering a patient experience that erases old stigmas of going to the dentist. Newer technologies, coupled with the amazing team we have will help us give our patients a reason to look forward to seeing us.”-Dr. Jon

Dr. Louis and Dr. Jon are the two top-rated Invisalign doctors in Schaumburg. Both have completed their graduation and are brothers. They both have always the same thinking about their patients that they should never suffer from fear while treatment, and this is the only main reason both the doctors used to talk to their patients and make them feel comfortable so that the patient should share all his doubts and talk to the doctor fearlessly.  

We provide the following services:

  1. Preventative dentistry
  2. Cosmetic dentistry
  3. Orthodontics

We provide dental care for your whole family members:

Child care, Adult care and, Orthodontic care

In this pandemic situation of you are looking forward to this step feel free to contact us

An Invisalign® Journey Video

Tyler Velasquez is one of our patients here at Schaumburg Dentistry in Schaumburg, IL. Watch his amazing Invisalign® Journey Video that will take you through the Invisalign® process and his experience with it.